Departure from the port of Palau at 10:15 am and from La Maddalena at 10:30 am
Expected return 5:30 pm 


Places of interest en route: Punta Sardegna (Palau), Punta Tegge, Cava Francese (La Maddalena), Isola di Santa Maria (Island of Santa Maria), Spiaggia Rosa (Island of Budelli), Cala Corsara and its particular rock formations: The Witch’s head, The Bulldog, Little Italy (The Island of Spargi), Isola di Santo Stefano (Island of Santo Stefano), Caprera, the western side of the island, Roccia dell’Orso (Bear Rock, Palau)

Beach break 1: Swim near the Island of Santa Maria

Beach break 2: Cavaliere Beach (Island of Budelli)

Beach break 3: Cala Granara Beach (Island of Spargi)

La Maddalena: Visit the historic centre and the marina

The island of Budelli boasts the famous Pink Beach and the wonderful Cavaliere Beach, the pearl of the natural pools. The national park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena with the aim of preserving it for a long future has limited the number of people who will be able to enjoy it and asks for collaboration avoiding bringing umbrellas and sponge towels on it.
Help us to preserve our future ❤️


The itinerary may vary depending on the weather and sea conditions and on the governing bodies.